How it all started

Allfiled was founded by Steve Bennett 7 years ago to help individuals manage their lives more effectively. Today Allfiled is focussed on helping organisations realise the potential and effectiveness of personal data powered solutions and in driving innovation in customer centric services.

Our vision for the future of marketing

We believe that if you always do what is right for your customers, they will reward you with their trust. And that is the most powerful relationship there could be between an organisation and an individual.

We believe that data acquisition and smart analytics can be a useful tool to target audiences, but on its own it is not enough. By adding the consent of an involved and trusting customer, giving you insight to sell targeted products and services to them when they are ready to buy, and you have just taken smart marketing to another level.

We believe with trust underpinning the relationship between organisations and customers, the future of personalised marketing is bright for all of us.

Our Company culture

At Allfiled we are passionate about improving the life of individuals by creating a currency of trust between their chosen organisations. Our team share a common belief in the power of trusted relationships to make life easier and more satisfying for everyone.

We love helping organisations get a better understanding of how trust can help them better serve their customers and build more mutually rewarding relationships.

We are enthusiastic and committed and would like to share our vision with you.

It's exciting!

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